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finding balance in an unbalanced world

My OOLA Life Coaching Certification enables me to speak more to health and wellness in the workplace, which is so critical at this time. I’ve expanded my services to include wholistic workshops and training for organizations and individuals, providing an authentic, empathic and collaborative atmosphere where growing and discovering come with as much ease as breathing. This added aspect of Key Instincts will help organizations, entrepreneurs, and leaders create and maintain a healthy workplace culture they and their teams can adopt into their personal lives by becoming more authentic and accountable, and showing up with purpose.

It would be an honour to support you on your journey of OOLA in a 3-week or 10-week program. There has never been a better time to start living a life of balance, less stress and greater purpose. That’s the OOLA life, and your business can be equally balanced and aligned with OOLA’s wholistic approach.

Please reach out to me personally at pamela@keyinstincts.com if you are interested in a discovery conversation to see what OOLA has to offer you or your business, a workshop for your team, one-on-one coaching,if you are wanting to become an OOLA life coach, or if you have a Keynote Speaker request. Let’s grow together!

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