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Pamela Morgan, 


“We are all connected and once we come to know this, we will be unstoppable, together we can achieve greatness!”

I 'wear spurs in the boardroom'. Born and raised in Alberta, I call Okotoks home This reference combines my 25 years of executive business experience with a focused and down to earth attitude. As a seasoned and successful leader, speaker and facilitator, I produce and implement innovative business solutions within an organization's own talent stream, build strong alliances between employers and employees leading to win-win success opportunities.

With an entrepreneurial spirit and an everlasting passion for human resources, it was an obvious fit to provide human resources and cultural development as a consultant to business owners, whether not at the scale to bring in their own team or to complement and provide additional support to the team on site. 

Human Resources and Life Coaching disciplines complement my ability to introduce and create confident business relationships and support all parties in leading and navigating through a career life cycle whether through talent acquisition, team development, career design, or workshops.

Community Impact:

How we give back to our community reflects where passion lies.  

Baby It's Cold Outside


People are my passion, when we do not have the basics, it's hard for us to move forward. As the founder of Baby it’s Cold outside a non- profit charity that focuses on offering a hand up to vulnerable citizens throughout Alberta. BCO’s current initiative is focusing on transitional housing within the foothills area within the next 10 years.

Okotoks Business Association


Developing business owners in all aspects of their journey. The Okotoks Business Association provides networking opportunities, leadership from professionals and educational workshops lead by leaders in various aspects of their businesses.

This is non-profit organization designed to support local business initiatives.

Anne Marie, Director of Business Development

I had the privilege of working with Pamela while filling an inside sales role. Pamela did a great job of really understanding not only what technical skills were required to fill the role, but also what type of personality would best fit our existing team.

The candidates were all pre screened by Pamela and her phone interview questions were perfectly tailored to our requirements. 

The candidates that were presented to us for consideration were far superior to any our team had been able to find on our own. Pamela saved us hours of sorting through resumes, and ultimately we hired two of her candidates as they were such perfect fits for our team. 
I highly recommend Pamela, am awed by her business instinct and her incredible ability to read people and find the perfect fit! 


I was in the market for a new opportunity after spending many years in a job that was no longer serving me. I received Pamela's job interview training for an opportunity in an industry that I had no experience in. She had a fresh perspective and she injected comfort and ease into preparing me to meet my potential employer. She was upbeat and positive with helpful insight and strategic ideas. She reminded me of my strength and potential. She coached me to walk into my interview poised and confident. And I landed the job!!! 

If you're seeking a new employment opportunity, Pamela will add value to your journey and help you get to where you want to be. Thank-you Pamela, for picking me up and dusting me off and giving me the encouragement that I needed to make it happen!

Candice - Account Executive

I had always felt anxious, nervous, and often interrogated when it came to sitting down with an interviewer; but with Pamela, I felt like I counted. I was sitting down, having a conversation, letting myself, my skills, and my confidence shine. Who would have thought that such a typically nerve-racking experience could actually draw out confidence and self-discovery that would ultimately lead me to the right career path.

Pamela’s expertise, combined with her warm, caring, and supportive personality, not only allowed me to attain the goals I set out for myself, but to continue to set and achieve them. I continue to use my experience and the mentorship that Pamela gave me in almost every aspect of my life.

Pamela Morgan, CEO



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