Who you hire matters, 

but how you use that talent matters more.

Talent acquisition is only one part of the of creating a successful and thriving business environment. 

As a full scope human resources and talent consultant, I facilitate hiring, administration and sourcing the right people for the key roles within your business.


Taking the role a step further, I get to the core values of each person, with the goal of continue helping each individual grow and maximize their potential within their position leading to long term success within their role, leading to 

  • greater retention of your team

  • more productive and engaged employees

  • greater communication between leaders and their teams

  • a more satisfying culture, rewarding careers and

  • a reduction in overall onboarding costs. 

Often we need to break through the traditional boxes that hold the business back from reaching the next level and fully harnessing the power of each of their employees.


Find out how I can help you source the best employees, retain and grow your talent and please feel free to contact me.

Current Opportunities:

Start designing the career you wish to have. I work with many great organizations fostering growth for the the most talented individuals. 


Position: various

If you would like to be considered for future opening, please feel free to send your resume highlighting your unique skills, what sets you apart and what your dream role would look like. 

Steve, President/CEO

I have worked with Pamela Morgan for many years and she has always excelled in her ability to find and acquire high-performing team members, many that proved their worth and moved up in the organization we worked with to higher positions. 


In recent years, Pamela has assisted myself and my company to fill highly technical positions and made the process for us very easy. 


Pamela’s latest project for the leadership team of our company was to build better lines communication by first helping understand who we are as leaders and how to adjust our communication styles for improved results. 


Thank you, Pamela, for all of your help and for always making my job easier.

Lorisa Brower 
General Manager, Metelax

We have been working with Pamela of Key Instincts for the past year to  be a key HR resource for Metalex.  Pamela has successfully recruited and managed staff for many positions within our organization.  She has put into place organizational systems, standard operating procedures and is an ongoing resource for our management team.  Metalex has also utilized Pamela’s expertise in BABS (Bad Ass Business Solutions) as well as team building activities for our group.  Her work is very high quality, she is very knowledgeable, has a great personality and the results have been outstanding!

Candice - Account Executive

I had always felt anxious, nervous, and often interrogated when it came to sitting down with an interviewer; but with Pamela, I felt like I counted. I was sitting down, having a conversation, letting myself, my skills, and my confidence shine. Who would have thought that such a typically nerve-racking experience could actually draw out confidence and self-discovery that would ultimately lead me to the right career path.

Pamela’s expertise, combined with her warm, caring, and supportive personality, not only allowed me to attain the goals I set out for myself, but to continue to set and achieve them. I continue to use my experience and the mentorship that Pamela gave me in almost every aspect of my life.