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Workshops designed to encourage, enlighten
and empower leaders and teams.


What we foster at work is a direct reflection of the outcome we obtain. Working together, facilitated in an open, encouraging and safe manner, you learn the tools, together, that will help you better communicate, empower and motivate your team. Encouraging team work, these sessions build on the care you have for your team while helping bother leaders, and employees design new effective forms of communication and strategies for building a stronger relationship.   

Leadership & teams

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, these workshops take participants back to the key foundations that success is built from. Understanding core reasonings and the key communication tools best used when you have multiple dynamic personalities and how to find the right key motivators that will lead your teams to success long term.

The right people in the right seat

Organizational charts are great tools but must be updated and reviewed as businesses grow. Are the right people in the right spot, are you harnessing their skillset, are they able to fully contribute to the growth of your business?  Finding the right people, the value fit and designing objectives for professional development encourages employees to perform at their best.

Thomas, Sales Liasion

Pamela exhibited professionalism

and swift response time with all correspondence during my on-boarding.

Her communication between myself and the sales department was seamless and made for a smooth mutual understanding to the needs of both parties.

Vince, VP Engineering

When it comes to talent acquisition, Pamela is truly the best I have worked with. We had a position at our company we were trying to fill with someone who not only had the experience we were looking for, but with a very specific attitude and business culture fit. I have done this type of hiring many times before with our own internal HR departments and it was always a bit of a painful and time-consuming process with the end result that I had to compromise on who I was looking for, because the person I was looking for was never in the room. She achieved in one week what normally takes 3-4 weeks; and without any compromises. Not only that, but she was an absolute pleasure to deal with; smart, insightful, and with a professional communication and execution style that was completely engaging. I can’t wait to hire again!

Erencan, P.Eng, P.E.

"I would like to express my personal appreciation for your assistance with our Business Development Director needs.Thank you for your work on this key position. We’re very excited for this addition to our team. You found us some strong candidates, and I know it wasn’t necessarily easy to find them.

 I appreciate all your work. Your solid reputation precedes you!"