Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Whether you are a start-up or an established company, the success of every business is built from the ground up. Custom facilitated workshops are designed to harness the power and skills of your team, strengthen leadership and create an environment where each person feels empowered, valued and supported. Overcome communication challenges, develop core structures that build up your team and enhance your leadership team.

Captivating any boardroom as a strong and engaging facilitator, workshops are designed to open up your team, engage compelling conversations and unlock the hidden potential of your team and leadership. I create professional relationships that support business evolution and the career path of the employee.

Together we will dig into the key issues holding your business, or team, from success; culture and communicating as teams, while making every moment real, honest and genuine.

the key is building a

strong foundation.

For leaders

Understand the key motivators of your team and how to better communicate with everyone in a meaningful and impactful way. 

Develop the culture that enhances the productivity of your business while also helping your team feel empowered, motivated and confident.

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For all businesses

Are you encouraging the most out of your employees? Have you built a strong culture? Are you concerned about retention and turnover? While we may think we are offering the incentives that our employees value, we may be missing the mark, let's dig in and ensure we are really doing what is best for the long term growth of your business and talent.

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For growing business 

Not every business has scaled to requiring on-site human resources, yet as a thriving business owner, recognizing the need for support. I provide professional consultation services on an as-needed basis or additional support to growing internal teams.

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For individuals:

Ideal for individuals on their own or as part of a team.

Break through the barriers that have been holding you, or your team back. Through discovering individual gifts, motivations and communication preferences, advance your potential and reach the full potential of your team.

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Key Instincts is North America's Premier Human Resources firm, offering a wide array of products and services to help you in all aspects of your HR needs.


What exactly does Key Instincts offer to help you make the most of your business?

Employee Documentation


Key Instincts will take care of all documentation regarding your employees lifecycle. We handle new hires, training, handbooks, manuals, termination. Whatever your needs are to support people and culture, Key Instincts can help.


Talent Acquisition & Headhunting


As accomplished headhunters, Key Instincts finds the right people for the right seats within your organization using an intuitive approach.




Workshops are an important part of your corporate culture. Key Instincts has brilliant facilitators on staff to handle educating your teams on everything from executive leadership, team building, non-profit, female empowerment entrepreneurship, business vision to diversity education.




Key Instincts offers full mediation for your company, including employer/employee mediation & labour standards mediation.

Loss Prevention Training

Asset/Loss Prevention is the practice of elimination of preventable loss within an organization. With in-depth training on internal/external theft awareness & implementing anti-theft solutions, Key Instincts staff has proficient knowledge in this area and can work with your organization to ensure your theft stays low and profits stay high.


Team Development 


Your team is the most valuable asset of your business. It is important that your team works well, both personally & professionally. Key Instincts employs a whole-istic approach to support the heath and wellbeing of your team. Development is an essential part of the working machine, and Key Instincts is here to help your team when you need it.


Life & Business Coaching


Key Instincts offers wholistic workshops and training for organizations and individuals, providing an authentic, empathic and collaborative atmosphere where growing and discovering come with as much ease as breathing. This added aspect of Key Instincts will help organizations, entrepreneurs, and leaders create and maintain a healthy workplace culture they and their teams can adopt into their personal lives by becoming more authentic and accountable, and showing up with purpose through a custom program, specifically tailored to the needs of your organization.


BABs Program


The acclaimed BABS program creates a strategy that promises positive results in exceeding goals based on the Leadership’s Vision of the company. BABS creates an opportunity to get real, define the who, where and the why behind your business offering clarity on how to excel beyond your highest expectations.


The BABS platform brings transparency, communication up and down the corporate ladder to achieve collaboration, cohesiveness of vision and accountable measurable actions to achieve an agreed upon VISION.



Business Coaching & Training


KI offers a world class business coaching program with services ranging from customer service, selling skills, brand culture identity & people and culture.


Non-Profit Coaching 


Running a non-profit can be hard and often comes with its own set of problems and challenges. Key Instincts CEO Pamela Morgan holds powerful hands-on non-profit experience that can help you, and your mission, reach its goals.


Company Assessments - HR & People and Culture 


Company, People & Culture Assessments (CPCA) is a great tool for evaluating  performance of all key systems and processes of your organization. Executives worldwide are turning to Company Assessments to help gather more complete information about the departments and processes which they manage and to help their organizations operate more effectively. Key Instincts will work with you to determine the steps needed & deliver a company assessment.